Human Factors Short Course


Course Objectives

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Course Objectives



  •  Online only, no assessment
  •  Participants are required to review 6 topics (one per week)
  •  Ideal for international students who reside outside of Australia/New Zealand
  •  Available to trainees and consultants
  •  Allows for flexibility in work patterns – Once released, lectures and reading material can be viewed at own pace
  •  Suits participants who have a busy schedule
  •  No on-campus attendance requireds

Who the course is aimed at?

Anyone who is interested in Human Factors can register for this course.

  •  Hospital Doctors
  •  General Practitioners
  •  Public Health clinicians
  •  Allied health practitioners
  •  Health service managers
  •  Quality and Safety managers

Why participate in the Course?

Human Factors (Ergonomics) is an established discipline in many industries such as manufacturing, power generation and military settings. The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES has been established over 60 years, but only recently has its importance in the delivery of safe, effective health care been recognised.

Human factors as a science seeks to design the work environment to make best use of the human operator to improve efficiency and safety. In terms of health, this includes the processes, equipment and training for delivery of high-quality care.

This course will provide an introduction to the practical application of human factors principles to organisational and clinical settings. By doing so, it will encourage the participants to improve patient safety at a managerial or clinical level with a broader base of skills than is commonly available within health services.


Course Structure

SIX Topics will be offered in this Course in weekly basis.
No Assessments.



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Time Commitment

6 hours per week


Course Fees

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Course Fees


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